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Meditation group spreads message of mindfulness

Farmington Hills is starting to say “om.” Meditating is seemingly a growing trend in the city, a way to destress from daily struggles, Farmington Hills husband and wife James and Jyothi Joseph said June 23 at the Farmington Community Library’s main branch. The meditation leaders in the Troy-based Heartfulness Institute discussed upcoming meditation courses and […]

Daaji, Shashank Headline Heartfulness Meditation

An all-day event ‘Meditation and Music’ was held at the Sanatan Dharma Temple here on June 11 which drew a large number of participants. The day was divided into two sessions. The morning session started with welcoming of participants and a powerpoint presentation for new participants. Attendees were then led through a Heartfulness Meditation session […]

#Heartfulness And Children: An Interview with Dr. Veronique Nicolai (PART – 2)

Purnima Ramakrishnan: Are your children practicing Heartfulness meditation? Dr. Veronique Nicolai: Yes. Our daughter started a little less than a year ago. She has seen us meditating since she was born. She said she was waiting for her to be old enough to start. We have always shared whatever we learned or discovered with Heartfulness […]

National Meditation Conference Offers Heartfulness Practices to thousands Across the United States

Detroit, MI: On June 4, 2016 more than 1,000 people assembled at Cobo Conference Center in Detroit Michigan for the first of three National Heartfulness Meditation Conferences across the United States. The occasion marked the first meeting where the Heartfulness meditation founder and global leader Kamlesh Desabhai Patel was physically present to lead the Heartfulness […]

Heartfulness Meditation with Yogic Transmission or Pranahuti

      Heartfulness Meditation is different from other types of meditation, because it has a unique element called “transmission”. Kamlesh D Patel, President of the Heartfulness Institute, elaborates on the need to experience meditation on the Source of light in one’s own heart. This Light of the Source is felt better by the help […]

#Heartfulness and Children: An Interview with Dr. Veronique Nicolai (Part – 1)

“Please join us in the 2016 #Heartfulness Meditation Conference in the USA. If you are a World Moms Blog contributor, or reader, or fan, please contact us (worldmomsblog@gmail.com) for a free pass.” Dr. Veronique Nicolai is a pediatrician from France. In 1997, she spent six months of studies in Medical Universities in Chennai, getting to […]

New Jersey Meditates

Those seeking inner peace will find direction at the New Jersey Meditates conference June 25 at Prudential Hall in the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, where they will hear from a global meditation teacher, thought leaders and interact with hundreds of meditators from 4 pm-8 pm. Featured programs will include a discussions between […]