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3 tips for deeper sleep in 7 minutes


Have you ever had the experience of climbing into bed after a long day and not being able to fall asleep?

There have been many occasions where I have felt the anxiety and stress of the day haunting me before I sleep, instead of my being calm and relaxed, and hitting the reset button before the next day. There are many thought leaders, including Arianna Huffington, Deepak Chopra, and Richard Branson, who practice meditation, and the results look extremely promising.

Science has repeatedly shown the benefits of meditation, which include reduced stress and blood pressure, increased happiness, and even slowed aging!

In early 2013, I started meditation through Heartfulness, a global meditation method that has improved my efficiency and focus, and helped me achieve deep sleep, along with numerous other benefits, with a little bit of practice. I meditate for about 1 hour a day, but my meditation teacher, Kamlesh Patel, taught me three simple tips for deeper sleep in just seven minutes.

In fact, I’ve been using this same technique to reduce anxiety and stress throughout my day as well.

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