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National Meditation Conferences Open To The Public To Offer Heartfulness Practices

In Detroit, Los Angeles and Newark, Heartfulness global guide Kamlesh D. Patel, will introduce a heart-centered meditation practiced by one million people worldwide. Gabrielle Bernstein, Gopi Kallayil, Kyle Cease featured speakers on the benefits and effects of meditation.

DETROIT and LOS ANGELES and NEWARK, N.J., May 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — A dynamic and highly effective set of meditation and relaxation techniques will be introduced for the first time on a large scale at national meditation conferences open to the public this summer in Detroit, Los Angeles and Newark by the teacher of the globally adopted Heartfulness meditation method, Kamlesh Desabhai Patel.

The Heartfulness Institute, a U.S. nonprofit and the conference organizer, today announced three national-scale public events at major metropolitan venues on June 4 (Detroit), June 12 (Los Angeles) and June 25 (Newark), led by Kamlesh D. Patel, would kick-start a series to share—at no cost and with all who are interested—a practical and skillful approach to meditation, relaxation and self-development, fit for personal and community practice in the midst of modern-day living.

Each city will feature special guest speakers: Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist for Google, author of “The Internet to the Inner-Net” and leading voice on encouraging yoga and mindfulness in the workplace (Detroit and Los Angeles); Dr. Partha Nandi, Chief Health Editor for ABC Detroit (Detroit); transformational speaker and comedian Kyle Cease of “Evolving Out Loud” (Los Angeles); and Gabrielle Bernstein, NY Times bestselling author of “May Cause Miracles,” motivational speaker and spiritual teacher (New Jersey).

“Heartfulness is, in essence, meditating on the heart, which many view as the next evolutionary step in the expansion of consciousness,” said Mr Patel. “We are confident that sharing the Heartfulness method will help practitioners open up a highly effective way of approaching the emotions and the feelings—the language of the heart—and give many people the opportunity to master their lives by listening to the heart.”

Heartfulness is a non-religious and non-dogmatic method that helps individuals experience and sustain inner repose, balance and peace of mind, some of the natural outcomes of this gentle, silent, meditation centered on the heart.

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