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Join ​Stephanie Bergeron in Detroit – new paradigms to Women Leaderships

stephanie-bio-imgStephanie Bergerson joins us for a panel discussion in the Detroit meditation conference, as we discuss the role of women bringing about change and new paradigms in Women Leadership.

Stephanie Bergeron is the President and CEO of Walsh College. Over the last ten years, Stephanie brought significant changes in Walsh college, catapulting it into the limelight, and transforming it into an educational institution of international repute. Bergeron is a Henry Ford Health System trustee and chairs its Finance and Planning Committee. She is the Chair, Board of Directors, of the Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants. Stephanie will be a speaker and panelist in the session on ‘Women as Change Leaders”

Women wear several hats at various times and often, all at once. Join Stephanie as she discusses about the roles women play in domestic life, material and emotional roles, and most importantly in the realm of one’s own personal growth, growth of the family, society, community and humanity as a whole.

Bringing all the areas a women has to be in, of a care giver, of a worker, of a leader, etc. and cohesively bond it is a Heartful way, without losing one’s purpose, identity and sense of self is something the world needs to understand.

Heartfulness Institute brings to you the Women Leader, Stephanie Bergerson.

Hurry – Register here to join Stephanie for a panel discussion.

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