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The Heartfulness Institute offers a rich variety of simple, gradual relaxation and meditation solutions to help us solve our problems and be the best we can possibly be in all walks of life. Whether a teacher or a business executive, a student of science or art we can all pursue the path of fulfillment, excellence and perfection

While there may be many available means, Heartfulness is a certain approach to help any sincere aspirant reach that state of being.

The Institute engages in activities that further the practice of Heartfulness meditation and related lifestyle choices, including education, wellness, research, and training, as practiced by adherents to the principles and teachings of the Sahaj Marg (“SM”) system of Raja Yoga meditation..

The Institute also intends to collaborate and engage in activities that support organizations and promote events that further wellness and meditation:

  • Organizing and operating conventions, conferences, workshops and seminars that promote the Heartfulness meditation and related lifestyle choices and nonprofit organizations with similar teachings that includes engaging motivational speakers and artists;
  • Developing and executing marketing activities in support of and which spread the message of SM and other nonprofits with similar teachings;
  • Overseeing development, production, distribution and/or sale of items which incorporate and help spread the message of SM and other nonprofits with similar teachings;
  • Offer education, research and training courses both online and onsite;
  • Developing and operating Heartfulness Centers to facilitate Heartfulness meditation and related activities in those centers
    In addition, the Institute offers various ‘Connect’ programs that are custom designed for the various demographics and sectors of humanity. Some are listed below:
  • Learn to Meditate workshops, Self-development and Leadership Skills Programs provided to Universities and Colleges and inner city schools.
  • Heartfulness relaxation and meditation workshops for Communities and Corporate and Government employees.
  • Special programs for socially challenged situations (Rehabilitation centers),
  • Conscious Living programs for children though values education, for school-age children, and exploration of core human values
  • We welcome co-branded and co-sponsored courses, programs and events

The program lengths vary, depending on the venue, audience and the sponsoring organization’s input. Funding is anticipated to come from contributions of donors from the public at large as well as sponsorships from organizations with an interest in Heartfulness Institute’s objectives.